A Brighter Future Is Here

For me, I mean. Well, for this blog, anyway. With the title. And the scope. AND MY LIFE.

Most of you know that “Meggan’s Amazing American Adventures” – the ‘maaa’ of the blog address – was meant to be a one-year project site for the 365 days I went traveling through Central and South America. Most of you also know that I ended up traveling super slowly, and that I cut my travels short at the 300-day mark. And, of course, most of you also know how THAT turned out. (Disappointingly, most of you also think that’s the only reason I hate Ecuador. There are so many reasons why I do, and I am not alone in my hatred. Remind me to do a post about the mass exodus. But I digress.) Finally, most of you also know that, since June 2015, I have been woefully under-employed and living off of my savings after being gradually pushed out of the Cookie Bunker by a boss who didn’t jive with a remote workforce.

So, where does that leave me now?