A Brighter Future Is Here

For me, I mean. Well, for this blog, anyway. With the title. And the scope. AND MY LIFE.

Most of you know that “Meggan’s Amazing American Adventures” – the ‘maaa’ of the blog address – was meant to be a one-year project site for the 365 days I went traveling through Central and South America. Most of you also know that I ended up traveling super slowly, and that I cut my travels short at the 300-day mark. And, of course, most of you also know how THAT turned out. (Disappointingly, most of you also think that’s the only reason I hate Ecuador. There are so many reasons why I do, and I am not alone in my hatred. Remind me to do a post about the mass exodus. But I digress.) Finally, most of you also know that, since June 2015, I have been woefully under-employed and living off of my savings after being gradually pushed out of the Cookie Bunker by a boss who didn’t jive with a remote workforce.

Since getting back on the road in November 2016, I’ve let go entirely of the desire to “see all the things” or spend less than one month based anywhere. I’ve also let go of the delusion that I want to live solely coasting by on scraps and bunk beds provided by WorkAway hosts – WorkAway, btw, is fantastic and the opportunity to get away for a month or two or three is one that I absolutely still take. I want to get a feel for a place, and I’m looking for my new 1-to-2-year base.

And money. Physical bodies are so annoying with their need for food and shelter and clothing and activity – blech. But unlike some of your delusions in which I flit about sipping margaritas on the beach and making atrocious romantic decisions and doing little else, I too must work. Every day money worries push me to work a little harder and a little longer to find something long-term and reliable. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about healthcare, because I’m not in the USA, muah ah ah ah.

I honestly cannot remember if I decided that I would live for 10 years outside of the USA (and Canada) before I left on my Amazing American Adventures. I do remember my parents being very worried about my blog title should I decide to venture away from these American continents. (Did you know some places teach that there are six continents and that North and South America are one? The world is so weird.) In any case, nearly four years – FOUR! – in and I think I’m going to stick with 10 and reevaluate at the conclusion.

And so, after all that ado, I would like to formally announce:

  • my blog site title is now “My Decade Away: 10 Years Outside the USA”;
  • the scope is mostly still to document my adventures of living and traveling abroad, but will have obviously a different feel;
  • the ‘Stats’ page will stay because I am a budget nerd;
  • the ‘Maps’ will get updated if I can remember to do so; and
  • if you know anyone who is hiring someone like me – ie: awesome and remote but open to travel – please give them my email and my phone number and all of my social media pages (conveniently found on meggangreen.com).



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